Husbands and wives don't argue that they're different. Their differences hit them everyday - personality traits, communication and conflict styles, intimacy needs, spiritual experiences. And while they struggle with their differences, couples can't always figure out exactly what the struggle is, much less what to do about it. Are differences the problem, or is it the way couples manage them?

MARRIAGE TUNE UP I: "DIFFERENT BY DESIGN" addresses the differences in these major areas in very specific, tangible ways. As this is the first year marriage conference material Jeff & Debby do for a community, it's focused on making sure couples have a great experience with plenty of laughter while gradually stepping into deeper issues and Scriptural truths. Response to this conference has been so positive, Jeff & Debby designed four additional years of conferences because they were being asked back to so many communities. For more information on some of those conferences, check out Marriage Tune Up Year 2 and Year 3.

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"...the response has exceeded our expectations. Your insights and the great blend of teaching, music, and drama touched our couples. I can't remember when I have seen a program that presented marriage material in such a realistic, heartfelt manner with good scriptural integration. You were brilliant with your insights, humor, and delivery!"

Rick Mink , Willowcreek Community Church, South Barrington, Illinois
Opposites attract. The problem is, once they marry, they spend the rest of their marriage battling over the differences. What did God have in mind when He brought you together? This session will help the two of you find the answer.
Couples frequently say they don't communicate. Nothing could be further from the truth. All couples communicate. Some do it constructively, other destructively. Learn how to:
  • Understand why your spouse communicates the way he or she does
  • Use the differences in the way you communicate to strengthen your relationship
Conflict isn't thought of as something that draws couples closer and helps them feel more connected. Yet proper conflict management and resolution will help you understand each other more deeply and make your marriage stronger and more satisfying. You'll discover:
  • What is at the heart of good conflict management
  • Practical ways to keep conflict from getting out of control
  • How to create an atmosphere for open communication of feelings
Passion. Adventure. Newness. Creativity. These aren't fictional terms for romance novels, they are real feelings God intended for couples to experience in their marriage. You'll find:
  • Specific, practical ways to inject romantic moments into your everyday life
  • How to lighten up so that your marriage can have a feeling of joy again
  • That sex is one of the greatest of God's good and perfect gifts. If it's not "perfect" for you yet, that's okay - getting there is half the fun!
God never intended marriage to be easy. Otherwise, couples would feel little need for His involvement in their relationship. The problem is, too few couples understand how to involve Christ in their marriage on a day-to-day basis. In this moving time, you'll hear:
  • Practical steps to help put God in the middle of your relationship
  • How to grow together in your spirituality
  • How to discover the ministry that God desires from your marriage
Friday Evening
  • 6:00 Registration
  • 7:00 Session One
  • 8:20 Break
  • 8:40 Session Two
  • 9:45 Dismiss

Saturday Morning
  • 09:00 Continental Breakfast
  • 09:25 Session Three
  • 10:40 Break
  • 11:00 Session Four
  • 11:50 Break
  • 12:00 Session Five
  • 12:45 Dismiss