Quotes from Ministry and Corporate Leaders

  • Dr. Gary Chapman

    I have known Jeff and Debby McElroy for several years. Their ministry in the area of marriage and family is powerful. Their creative skills yielded to the Holy Spirit have awakened many a sleepy marriage. I wholeheartedly recommend their ministry.

  • Rick Mink

    ...the response has exceeded our expectations. Your insights and the great blend of teaching, music, and drama touched our couples. I can't remember when I have seen a program that presented marriage material in such a realistic, heartfelt manner with good scriptural integration. You were brilliant with your insights, humor, and delivery!

  • Conference Attendee, Midland, MI

    We really enjoyed what you guys taught and all your skits. It was very anointed. God also spoke to my heart, and my wife confirmed, that we want to lead a group at our church with your video.

  • Conference Attendee, Midland, MI

    Food was great, presentation was great, venue was great. Event was even better the 2012 MTU-I was!!! Thank you.

  • Conference Attendee

    “Very real...loved it!”

  • Conference Attendee, Hiland Park Baptist Church, Panama City, FL

    I just wanted to thank you both again for an outstanding weekend! My wife and I have been married 18 years and have 5 children, 3 of which are adopted. There are many struggles in our home with behavioral issues with our adopted children. All 3 have been exposed to drugs and alcohol during pregnancy.

    I am motivated to make some needed changes and be a stronger leader for my family. You both really opened our eyes to how we are different and why. We both feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet y'all.

  • Church member

    This is the first service I've been to in a long while in which every single point hit me to my soul. I can't remember when I've been so moved. Like you said, though, now it has to translate into choices!

  • Robin Blumenthal

    With Jeff and Debby, what you see on-line or in video is only a fraction of what you get. Their love for God, closely followed by their passion for marriages and each other, was inspiring to all! They are the real deal. Our audience laughed, cried, applauded and left more in love and more committed to their marriages! I would be honored to have them anytime! High quality, a breeze to work with - all at an affordable price. I have worked with a lot of guests, speakers and artists - and they are now top on my list!

  • Rose

    My husband and I attended a ReGeneration Experience weekend several years ago. I truly believe if not for that experience and the time that Jeff spent pouring into our lives afterward....we would have ended up divorced! That weekend, along with the hard work that followed, saved our marriage. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in February. Thank you Jeff...for being a vessel for the Lord to do might work through!

  • Pastor Joel Stocker, Christian Celebration Center, Midland, MI

    You've met with us many years now, ministering to our couples, our families, and our church body. You know the high expectations I place on those I bring in to minister to my flock. You know the importance I place on marriage and the amount of ministry we offer here for couples. I have to tell you I have NEVER seen anything more powerful for marriage than what the Lord did through the two of you this weekend. This wasn't just teaching this weekend, this was ministry at its deepest level. Our couples will never be the same because your goal wasn't just to bring them to each other. You brought them to the CROSS!

  • Pastor Joel

    What a delight it was to renew our relationship this past weekend. Your ministry in our little corner of the harvest field was outstanding. Yes, eternity will reveal the results but I also believe yours is a ministry that yields a harvest here and now. We really enjoyed the few hours we were able to spend together and anticipate our relationship continuing.

  • Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg

    "Prepare to Last" is one of the most creative resources that I have seen in a decade. It is entertaining, connecting and effective. In a culture that is not celebrating strong marriages, the McElroys are knocking it out of the park with a resource that will encourage, equip and strengthen marriages out of the gate. Get your hands on it and pass it on to anyone stepping into marriage to help them Prepare to Last...."

  • Pastor Mike

    This conference brought our congregation to a place of humility and desire to submit our families to Christ! We feel renewed!

  • Rick Mink

    Thanks so much for the wonderful weekend retreat you conducted for us at Lake Lawn. This was the first retreat we have done and the response has exceeded our expectations. Your insights and the great blend of teaching, music, and drama touched our couples. I can't remember when I have seen a program that presented marriage material in such a realistic, heartfelt manner with good scriptural integration. You were brilliant with your insights, humor, and delivery!

  • Rich Hamrick

    We are still floating around somewhere closer to heaven because of what God allowed us to experience over the weekend. In my fifteen years of ministry, I would have to rank Sunday's commitment service in the top two or three worship experiences I have ever had. It was the natural (or supernatural) result of all the seeds you had planted throughout the weekend. The families who participated in our Home Improvement Weekend will surely never be the same! I want to especially thank you for the honesty that permeated your hard-hitting message. From the viewpoint of someone who has always been involved in family ministry, I could easily see the amount of research that has gone into your presentations. Everything was presented professionally and with an obvious foundation of wisdom and understanding.

  • Rachel, Conference Attendee

    Jeff & Debby have a way of telling married couples that it's normal for a marriage to not be perfect. We both have different needs and wants and we're both going to make horrible mistakes. Too often in this world, we give up our marriage when we reach our first major conflict. Jeff & Debby show that there is always hope. We can get through anything. My husband and I just went through a very difficult situation where we questioned our marriage. I couldn't be more thankful for Jeff & Debby's message. It was the first step in saving our marriage. My thanks can not be expressed in words.

  • David Rich

    In my thirty years of ministry, I don't believe I've ever seen a better presentation. Jeff and Debby have a gift like no other I've seen to lead a service in a way every age is hanging on every word. When they met with our groups individually, it was amazing how they walked into the living room of each age and brought the Holy Spirit right in with them.

  • Ray Finger

    Thank you for ministering to our church family this weekend. God has uniquely gifted you to help bring the hearts of homes to the heart of God. What you have shared with us has challenged us and we will be better families for having sat under your teaching. May God continue to abundantly bless your ministry giving you many more opportunities to point families to Him.

  • David & Jessica, St. Louis

    At first we were both a little reluctant to attend the conference seeing as it was the first thing like that we had been to. However, we found this conference was ablsolutely wonderful and we learned so many practical things that will help us in the future! We have only been married 10 months and this conference, I am sure, will help us for the life of our marriage- at least 65 years as my husband says :).

  • Michelle

    I am getting married in May and I want to THANK YOU for opening our eyes to things we can do to make our marriage work the right way from the start!! After today, I am confident we are more ready now than we have ever been. Thank you so much for the help in the right direction!

  • Ben & Jessica, Crestview, FL

    We enjoyed the conference. We didnt know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised. Your lessons were practical, realistic (too realistic!), and honest. We appreciated the time we spent together and the lessons learned.

  • Tim & Katie, Knoxville

    This was the third marriage conference that we have attended, and for the first time, we felt like we walked away with some hands-on, very relevant tools to use in our day to day lives. We have "new lingo" in our home now that has served to help us understand one another and laugh together. It was great to be reminded that neither of us is wrong.....we're just different!
    This conference significantly helped us take BIG steps in growing our marriage to become what God intended for it to be!
    Jeff and Debby do the best job I've ever seen of combining humor and serious depth when speaking on marriage. Bravo! And thank you!

  • Pastor Tom, Virginia Beach

    One of the best conferences our church has held in many a year! Jeff & Debby made a real impact and we are inviting them back next year for Marriage Tune-Up II!!

  • David & Tania, Gainesville, FL

    Tania and I used your conference as a time to learn more about who we are as individuals and how the similarities and differences as men and women affect our relationship. We did a lot of laughing during the conference and at times we even cried together. Also, we enjoyed the conference because Jeff and Debby are so genuine and they present real life circumstances in a humerous, but serious fashion. I would recommend this conference to any couple whether they are having difficulties or not.

  • Eric & Sandi, Gainesville, FL

    This was one of those weekends you didn't want to end. Through highly entertaining skits and commentary, Jeff and Debby reminded us in a few hours how to turn to God to create a more meaningful and loving marriage. We are so excited to incorporate what we learned this weekend into our marriage and family. We feel so full of hope and promise and can't wait to share what we've learned with our friends. We look forward to future opportunities to attend workshops with Jeff and Debby.